Kostenloses Easy Digital Downloads Payment Modul

Mit Easy Digital Downloads gibt es ein kostenloses Plugin, das speziell auf Verkäufe via Download ausgerichtet ist. Mit wenigen Klicks können so eBooks, Fotos, Software oder ähnliches als kostenpflichtiger Download eingestellt werden. Dabei soll es Easy Digital Downloads vor allem durch einfache Handhabung und einfaches Setup auszeichnen.


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Vollkommen responsive Zahlungsseiten

Hersteller Novalnet
Letztes Update 06.10.2022
Version 2.2.0
Stabilität Stabil
Sprache Englisch (en), Deutsch (de)
Lizenz Freeware
Getestete Plugin-Version 2.2.0
Kompatibel mit Version 2.8.x - 3.0.4
Herunterladen Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns
Version 2.2.0
Datum 06.10.2022
Beschreibung & Änderungen [New] Implemented Online bank transfer payment
[New] Implemented Refund API request as per the shop default process
[Fix] Compatibility for PHP version 8
[Fix] Adjusted payment plugin to support shop tax values
[Enhanced] For IBAN-specific countries, the BIC field displayed for payments like Direct Debit SEPA and Direct Debit SEPA with payment guarantee
[Enhanced] Updated payment logo for Sofort payment
[Enhanced] Callback has been optimized as per the new testcase
Version 2.1.1
Datum 26.11.2021
Beschreibung & Änderungen [Fix] Updated IP address to get the actual IP of Novalnet server
[Enhanced] Client key configuration set hidden in Novalnet Global configuration
Version 2.1.0
Datum 12.04.2021
Beschreibung & Änderungen [New] Implemented enforce 3D secure payment for countries outside EU
[New] Implemented Payment duration for Prepayment
[Fix] Compatibility for WordPress 5.7
[Fix] Plugin adjusted to place subscription orders using Credit Card 3D secure
[Fix] Refund notes updated only for the corresponding recurring order
[Fix] Plugin adjusted to place subscription orders with free trial amount
[Fix] Plugin updated to restrict overriding of the TID for the same order
Version 2.0.1
Datum 24.12.2020
Beschreibung & Änderungen [New] Implemented update payment method feature for subscription payments
[Fix] One-time discount amount calculated for subscription recurring orders
[Fix] Subscription status changed from “Active” to “Complete” after entire subscription cycles get completed
[Fix] Adjusted payment plugin to get exact amount after tax inclusion
[Enhanced] Barzahlen payment name and logo
Version 2.0.0
Datum 16.09.2020
Beschreibung & Änderungen [New] Implemented Direct Debit SEPA with payment guarantee and Invoice with payment guarantee
[New] Implemented new encryption method for redirect payments
[Enhanced] Creation of order as default before executing payment call in the shopsystem to avoid the missing orders on completion of payment on non-return of end user due to end user closed the browser or time out at payment, etc.
[Enhanced] Auto configuration call perform via cURL method
[Enhanced] Callback has been optimized as per the new testcase
[Removed] Referrer id configuration
[Removed] PIN by callback and PIN by SMS for Direct Debit SEPA and Invoice payment methods
[Removed] BIC field for Direct Debit SEPA
[Removed] Transaction reference in payments
[Removed] Payment reference configuration for Invoice / prepayment
[Removed] Autofill and Payment refill for payment data
Version 1.2.0
Datum 17.05.2018
Beschreibung & Änderungen [New] Implemented Barzahlen payment method
[New] Custom checkout overlay for Barzahlen
[New] Force 3D secure process has been implemented as per predefined filters and settings in the Novalnet admin portal
[New] Implemented subscription reactivation in vendor script
[Enhanced] On-hold transaction configuration has been implemented for Credit Card, Direct Debit SEPA, Invoice and PayPal
[Enhanced] Optimized IP condition check for remote address
Version 1.1.3
Datum 08.12.2017
Beschreibung & Änderungen [Enhanced] Dynamic IP control applied through domain instead of static IP in vendor script. Actual IP of Novalnet will be extracted in real time from the domain
[Removed] Enable debug mode configuration in Merchant script management
Version 1.1.2
Datum 04.08.2017
Beschreibung & Änderungen [Fixed] Issue with single iteration Subscription product (Eg: price per month for 1 month)
[Enhanced] Merchant Administration Portal link has been updated in shop admin
[Enhanced] Payment module has been optimized
Version 1.1.1
Datum 02.06.2017
Beschreibung & Änderungen [New] Auto configuration of vendor credentials
[New] Payment method “Przelewy24” added
[New] Credit Card iframe updated
[New] On-hold transactions for PayPal implemented
[New] Implemented Novalnet updates page
[New] Customized CSS settings for Credit Card iframe form
[Enhanced] Added new parameter in all API calls
[Enhanced] Updated payment logo for Credit Card and Invoice payment
[Enhanced] Payment module has been optimized
Version 1.1.0
Datum 13.05.2016
Beschreibung & Änderungen – Local form implementation for Direct Debit SEPA payment
– Iframe implementation for Credit Card payment
– eps and giropay payment has been implemented
– Payment reference has been implemented
– Notify URL configuration in shop backend
– Logo control has been implemented in global configuration
– Novalnet payment module has been optimized as per new testcase
– Novalnet fraud module has been implemented for Direct Debit SEPA and invoice payment
– Novalnet Subscription cancel has been integrated
Version 1.0.0
Datum 27.09.2014
Beschreibung & Änderungen – New release